About "Do Stay" Sport Fishing Charters

Captain Lou Mauro

Captain Lou Mauro of the "Do Stay" is here at your service. Lou was born in New Jersey and grew up fishing on the waters up North. Lou's intense desire to fish and be on the water carried over into his adult life sending him to south Florida.

Since 1991 Lou has been fishing right here in sunny Jupiter, Florida. One of the primary benefits of being a Jupiter, FL resident is having the Gulf Stream located an average of 7 miles offshore. This provides easy access to World Class Fishing everyday! Although Lou has extensive local fishing knowledge, it doesn't end there. Lou has been sport fishing all over the world. Some of his favorite fishing spots include Costa Rica, Mexico and the Bahamas. He not only fishes these spots for fun, but he also aggressively fishes tournaments in these locations.

Many customers are looking just to come out and catch a nice trophy fish. However, if you are looking to learn how to be a better sport fisherman, Captain Lou always loves share some of his fishing "know how"!

Fishing Vessel "Do Stay"

The "Do Stay" is a 1957 37 foot Merritt, and it is the fourth boat ever built by the Merritt Boat Company. It original name was the "Val-Jean". Elly Brown changed the vessel's name to "Do Stay" to honor his children. The "Do" represents his son Douglas, and the "Stay" represents his daughter Stacy.

Merritt began building boats in 1955. The two sons, Buddy and Allen were involved in much of the boat yard's daily activities. Buddy managed the boat building division, and Allen was responsible for the supervision and administration of the business. Allen still holds that position to this day. As an avid fisherman, Buddy built what he perceived to be the perfect fishing boat. The first of his 37 footers were totally lacking the comforts taken for granted today. They were built for one purpose... to catch tuna fish. The results were a huge success. It became immediately obvious to the boating community that the Merritt name would not only represent outstanding service and repair, but also ground-breaking boat construction and expertise.