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How did Jupiter get its name?

When the Spanish first came to this area they found the Jega Indians living along the banks of the Inlet and river. Tie Indians called themselves the Jobe, so the Spanish explorers named the river running into the Inlet the Jobe River, after the native tribe. Later, when English settlers found the area around 1763, Jobe sounded to them like the mythological god Jove, or Jupiter, and the name Jupiter  has remained ever since.

Tequesta's History

In 1955 a bridge tender was asked by Charles Martyn to describe the area that is now the Village of Tequesta. His reply was, "it's just a jungle". Inspired by the bridge tender's description Martyn asked for a tour of the area. Martyn purchased 86 acres on Jupiter Island where he developed the Jupiter Inlet Colony. While excavating the site, Martyn's crew unearthed an Indian mound filled with artifacts. Martyn's interest in Indian history led him to research the mound's contents. Later speculation was that the mound belonged to an encampment of Tequesta Indians encroaching on the native Jega Indians. Martyn was convinced of this and named an area he was developing west of the Intracoastal after the Tequesta tribe. That development, now known as the Tequesta Country Club, was later incorporated as the Village of Tequesta. Tequesta started as one man's vision and has now become a thriving Village with miles of waterfront property.


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